Underground automations for swing gates

Underground systems do not alter the look and design of the gate making them ideal for architecturally fine gates.

A below ground automation system is the most popular way to automate swing gates. Unobtrusive on its visible parts, the product allows the gate to open and close without interfering with its look and style. This makes it the ideal solution for fine gates and entrances, such as those fitted to architecturally attractive or historically significant buildings, or for any application where style, look or elegance should be kept unaltered.

Underground Automated Gates

Concealed, sturdy and versatile

Practical and simple to operate, the automation consists of a steel foundation casing fitted below ground level, where the geared motor and all mechanical linkages which operate the gate are housed.

This highly versatile solution which can be customised to individual requirements:
• Allows the gate to be opened at a very wide angle, up to 180°
• Combined with the electrical control panels, the automation allows the motor to successfully overcome any initial friction caused by bad weather conditions such as ice
• CE Mark
• IP 67 rated watertight gear motors and Zinc plated stainless steel foundation casing
• Aesthetically pleasing release system with key or lever which may be operated from both sides of the gate
• Works at low temperatures
• Standard opening angle of 110°, with an optional 180° opening angle
• Motor protected by an internal temperature probe

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